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About Us

re:invent venture is creating a space where exceptionally talented people start, build, and grow tech businesses

For this, re:start offers A-to-Z services to tech founders, re:soft helps startups solve difficult tech challenges, and re:educate teaches coding at scale to become a key talent sourcing agency for re:invent

Note: currently we consider ourselves a deal sources for the VC funds, until we become one

To build mechanisms that build businesses

re:invent's portfolio

Why re:invent?

We negotiate terms w. founders, provide legal framework and help them officially register the business
We give startups office space, help them develop tech roadmaps and test their products
We prepare startup founders for investor pitching and help them close the seed rounds
We invest in startups and provide finance, tax, and accounting services
We help startups expand their businesses globally and connect them with VC funds
We help founders to assemble teams and refine ideas

re:invent mindset

Think Big - Both small and big things require hard work if you want to deliver the results. We chose to work on things that are hard to implement, but are worth living for.

Be Frugal - We believe that starvation drives resourcefulness and innovation. Hence, we always try to achieve more with less. Remember to - “stay hungry, stay foolish - Steve”.

Be Obsessed - We love people who are obsessed. Building things is hard and the only ones who survive the hardship are the people who are obsessed with their ideas.

Be Open-Minded - Things change crazy fast these days and the only way to survive is to have a flexible mind. Don’t be afraid to change your mind if you have enough data and evidence. Be stubborn on your vision and flexible on the details.

Work Hard - Working smart but not hard was enough in the 18th century. Today, we must do both. Nothing meaningful has been created without the hard work.

Have Fun - There are 100 billion galaxies in the universe and 10^10^10^7 universes out there. We realize that each of us is just a blip in a grand scheme of things and let’s make sure not to forget to have fun with everything we do. Enjoy the process!

re:invent Team


15 years of entrepreneurship experience


18 years of entrepreneurship experience


Tech Entrepreneur


16 years experience in managing complex software projects with large tech teams


18 years experience in international commercial and business law


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